I started traveling to Mexico in the early 1990s. Spent a few weeks in Mazatlán and another time in Cabo San Lucas. While the country has a reputation for dangerous drug cartels, Baja California is a great place with warm, friendly people, amazing food, and beautiful beaches. My old friend Rocky and I split a vacation rental on Rosarito Beach just below Tijuana for the summer. It was an awesome time spending the days at the pool and admiring the local scenery. I also enjoyed flying powered paragliders off the beach, helping the local orphanage, and chilling out drinking cervezas at the local cantinas.

Hola and welcome to Rosarito, Mexico!
I'm Jeremy, and this is my amiga, Isabella. We're so happy you're here! Now, put on your swimsuit, grab a Pacifico, and jump in the pool! Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can try the hot tub. Simplemente no nos culpes si te pones un poco... burbujeante! For the super adventurous, try the mighty Pacific Ocean. Just be careful of the undertow!

Did I drink too much Cervezas Pacífico?
Am I really floating in the sky over Baja California, Mexico? I feel I am one with the sky and the sea, as I soar through the air in a powered paraglider. The sun warms my face as I take in the breathtaking views of Baja California. Below me, the rugged coastline stretches out to the horizon, and the sparkling blue ocean reflects the sky.

Barbacoa y una Vista Epica
The view from the Rosarito condo was breathtaking. Here is a photo of the moon shining over the Pacific Ocean in the early morning. I worked remotely from the condo, and when my work day ended in the evening around 5 pm, I would spark a fire in the Webber Grill, crack open a cold cervesa, and grill some steaks and watch the sunset. 

Hey Isabella, Cousin Manuéla is here!
Did you know Isabella's cousin Manuéla likes to model by the pool? Manuéla has charisma and personality and she is able to connect with the camera. Manuéla, creo que deberíamos actualizar tu Instagram!

El Día del Niño or Children's Day
One of the highlights of my stay in Mexico was spending time with the children at the Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mission. We would organize activities such as a day at the beach on El Día Del Niño (Children's Day). It was a rewarding experience to be able to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of these children.

Tacos Callejeros De Tijuana
If you are in Baja California, you must try the street tacos. Shrimp, fish, and al pastor! Oh, and Lengua (beef tongue), ¡me encanta! Tijuana street tacos are a delicious and authentic Mexican food experience. Al pastor is iconic not only for its unique flavor profile but also for its method of cooking. 

Thin slices of marinated pork are stacked onto a long spit called a trompo. In Mexico, a trompo is a spinning top and it’s called this way because once it is all put together, the shape of the meat resembles that of the toy. The trompo is then rotated over an open fire, causing the meat to cook evenly and get crispy on the outside. As the meat cooks, the taquero (the person preparing the tacos) shaves off thin slices and places them on a warm tortilla. The tacos are then topped with onions, cilantro, and salsa.

"Una Coca-Cola Mexicana, por favor."

I highly recommend trying Mexican Coke with your tacos! Mexican Coke is sweetened with white sugar instead of the high-fructose corn syrup used in the U.S., which gives it a richer flavor. You can also simply say "Una Coca," but this may be interpreted as a request for regular Coke. To be clear that you want Mexican Coke, it's best to specify that you want it "con azúcar de caña" (with cane sugar) or "de la botella" (in the bottle). Just not too much could make you Diabetico!

Bienvenida Alejandra!
Alejandra, the housekeeper, has arrived. Check out her new uniform! I suggested she add some gold jewelry to her uniform, but she arrived in her bikini. Something must have been lost in translation. This happens. I think it's great that she's taking pride in her work and trying to look professional.


Anyone for Beach Activities
Rosarito Beach offers a variety of activities to enjoy. You can go horseback riding along the coastline, do donuts on ATVs, or float on powered paragliders. If you're looking for something more relaxing, you can build a beach bonfire made of wood pallets soaked in petro. When ignited, it may just be large enough to be seen from outer space.

🔥¡Hoguera Gigante! ¡Ay Dios Mío!🔥

Playing Catch to the MAX!
Let's go Max! Come on! Get the stick Max! I enjoyed taking my amigo Jessie's dog, Max, to play fetch in the ocean several times around sunset. The dog was stuck at home all day while Jessie was at work, so I wanted to let him run free! I'm fairly certain he was a Pitbull mixed with a Sea Lion, given how much he jumped the waves with reckless abandon. 

Los Max, Papá y Mamá