Pat-tay-ya city

Pattaya is a coastal city in Thailand that was once a small fishing village. It started to grow in popularity in the 1960s when American servicemen began arriving on R&R (rest and relaxation) during the Vietnam War. 

Pattaya is located on Thailand’s eastern seaboard and is divided into three main areas: Naklua, Pattaya Beach, and Jomtien. Each area has its own unique atmosphere and attractions. Naklua is the northernmost area and is home to more traditional Thai shops and restaurants. Pattaya Beach is the central area and is where you will find most of the city’s nightlife and entertainment. Jomtien is the southernmost area and is known for its quieter atmosphere and beautiful beaches.

Pattaya is also close to Bangkok, which is only an hour’s drive away. This makes it a convenient stop for those who are visiting Bangkok and want to experience a different side of Thailand.

Koh Larn is a small island just off the coast of Pattaya and is a popular day trip destination. The island is known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. You can go swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, or diving. There are also a few restaurants and shops on the island.

Late Night Muay Thai

Thailand Elephant 🐘 Sanctuary of Truth

50% Beach / 50% Pool with a Fresh Thai Coconut

Retire in Chon Buri?

Chon Buri is a Thai province set on the country’s eastern Gulf of Thailand coast. South of the provincial capital, also called Chon Buri, the coastline is lined with popular beaches. Among them is Pattaya, a long-standing resort town with a seafront promenade, restaurants, shopping malls and a busy, neon-lit nightlife zone.

2 New Years Celebrations

Thailand has two new year celebrations, one on January 1 and the other on Songkran, which is the traditional Thai New Year. Songkran is celebrated from April 13 to 15 and is a time for family reunions, visiting temples, and paying respects to elders. It is also a time for water fights, which are said to wash away the sins of the past year.

In Pattaya, a city in Thailand, there is also a firework festival that happens every year in December. The Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is a two-day event that features fireworks displays from different countries around the world. The festival is a popular tourist attraction and is a great way to see some amazing fireworks.

Nong Nooch Garden Elephant Show

The Nong Nooch Garden Elephant Show is a popular tourist attraction located in Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Thailand. The show features elephants performing a variety of tricks and stunts, such as painting, playing soccer, and riding bicycles. The show is a great way to learn about elephants and their intelligence.

The show is held twice daily, at 14:00 and 16:00. Tickets can be purchased at the Nong Nooch Garden ticket office. The show is approximately 1 hour long.

The Nong Nooch Garden Elephant Show is a great way to experience Thai culture and learn about elephants. The show is sure to entertain and educate visitors of all ages.